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    HOW TO EARN MONEY WITH mmosp.com  Affiliate Program?

    mmosp.com   is a simple and free to join affiliate program dedicated to all video game fans around the world.

    As our affiliate you’ll earn money by spreading the word about mmosp.com  and convincing people TO JOIN THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM.


    You will be supplied with a unique link - a reflink.

    You can post it on your favorite forum, social media, share it with a famous streamer, youtuber, blogger or share it on ingame chat, while playing with your friends.

    When you share your reflink and someone: your friend, forum user, other player or one of the influencer fans, clicks on it, he will be redirected to mmosp.com .

    When someone – redirected to kinguin.net by your reflink – makes a purchase, you get a commission. Your links are tracked and eternal – it doesn’t matter when someone makes that purchase. Cookies will know.

    Each time a new person registers from your reflink in our Affiliate Program you get a cut of every transaction that is done from his reflinks..

    Now imagine all those people shopping...

    Look the following step to join affiliate program

    1 Sign up to Affiliate Program

    2 Obtain your referral link

    3 Share your referral link

    4 Earn money when your referral link leads to sale

    5 Withdraw your earnings to PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoins

    We offer flexible commission rates. Depending on products, you can earn 3-20% commissions!

    If you want to join our affiliate program, please contact us by Email.

    Email: server@mmosp.com

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